In accordance with the commitment and values ​​of Sea Green: “organize the happiness of your holidays”, that we decline in each of the holiday resorts that we offer, we wish to combine spirit of freedom, excellence of our services and protection of the environment. Conscious of the privilege of sharing with our hosts a preserved environment and eager to protect it, we have chosen to commit ourselves, through the certification to the European Ecolabel, in a process of continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Located in the heart of the Arcachon Basin, our campsite is committed to preserving the exceptional natural environment that surrounds it. In order to make your stay as pleasant as possible while protecting the environment, we are committed to the values ​​of Sea Green. In order to better conserve the ecosystem, we have put in place four major environmental requirements:
Limiting water and energy consumption : To reduce our consumption, we have to put in place the best equipment and water and electricity distribution systems. To better control the consumption we carry out a permanent maintenance of our installations.
Reduction of waste production : for this commitment, a selective sorting system was set up at our campsite and we have removed all individual packaging. Particular attention is also paid to hazardous waste.
Promoting eco-friendly habits : we have chosen renewable energy suppliers and we favor green cleaning products. Our purchases are also short-circuit with seasonal products.
Awareness of environmental protection: we inform our customers about the importance of our environmental approach and we share these values ​​with all our partners.
For a stay in the best conditions, we therefore attach particular importance to the respect and protection of the environment and the exceptional natural setting of our area.